VIEWFest is an international festival on 3D cinema and animation, organized every year by VIEW Conference, that screened important world previews, the best of 3D production, retrospectives, movies, short movies, video clips, music, workshops for schools and exclusive events. Not just this. VIEWFest shows the best of the international animation festivals, first of all SIGGRAPH, thanks to a network that become larger every year and goes from Holland to Greece, from Germany to USA; Turin is the Italian side of this network.

VIEWFest offers to independent productions the opportunity of an international audience and, at the same time, brings to Turin the best of the International production.

Every year VIEWFest promotes two contests: ITALIANMIX and YOUTH ITALIANMIX. Through them we are looking for INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE and INSPIRING works by Italian filmmakers or by foreign filmmakers, having as their topic Italy or Italian subjects; the selected ones will be included in the VIEWFest’s screening program and in the DVD “ITALIANMIX”. The contest welcomes works in all genres and visual forms; an exciting and unique opportunity addressed to Italian filmmakers, digital artists, and other creative professionals, to gain valuable exposure for their works in an international professional venue. While for YOUTH ITALIANMIX, all the participants must be younger than 32 years old and resident
in Italy.

As you can see, VIEWFest, the Italian evolution of Resfest, the successful global touring digital film festival, is not a festival like any other. It’s much more. Discover it with us!

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