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VIEWFest | 2008 | Italia | Torino | Festival Internazionale di Cinema Digitale | Tour
VIEWFest | 2008
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VIEWFest – Festival del cinema digitale – si conclude oggi, domenica 8 giugno, con un bilancio straordinariamente positivo. I dati provvisori segnalavano sabato 7 giugno, un aumento di spettatori del 60 per cento rispetto all'ultima edizione di Resfest del 2006.
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A global network of digital movie festivals. A selection of the best of every fest is screened, through the net, to all others fests. This is VIEWFest. Turin is the Italian knot of the net.

, the Italian evolution of Resfest, the successful global touring digital film festival, is not a festival like any other. It doesn't have a mere spatial location, rather, it is a knot in a net. Imagine a network of festivals everywhere in the world, from São Paulo to Seoul, from Amsterdam to Istanbul. Now, draw some virtual lines, communication channels among all these cities. The result is a worldwide festival, where every knot in the net is connected to the others. For Italy, this knot is Turin.

So...; Get ready for the new era of the vanguard of digital filmmaking.
Three days of film, art, video clips, music, workshop, parties, and much more, and more...

Italianmix looks for innovative, creative, and inspiring works by Italian filmmakers. The selected works are included in the VIEWFest program in Turin and on the VIEWFest Italianmix DVD: An exciting and unique opportunity addressed to Italian filmmakers, digital artists, and other creative professionals, to gain valuable exposure for their works in an international professional venue.

Italianmix 2008 Winners
Craig Foster a Torino
La Pixar raccontata ai bambini
(Guarda le immagini)
Cinema Massimo
Tutti i cortometraggi Pixar
Cinema Massimo
Retrospettiva Happy
KingKong Microplex
VIEWFest Opening Party
Hiroshima Mon Amour
ConiglioViola, Recuperate le vostre radici quadrate
Cinema Massimo
Beowulf (in 3D)
Cinema Massimo
Anteprima: Electronic Theatre
Cinema Massimo
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
Hiroshima Mon Amour
Gianluca Nicoletti
La Macchina per entrare e uscire dal mondo
Cinema Massimo
Proiezione speciale Flux
Jonathan Wells (direttore creativo)
Cinema Massimo
Anteprima: Animation Show of Shows
Cinema Massimo
Retrospettiva Chris Milk
(Guarda l'Anteprima video)
Cinema Massimo
Lorenzo Oggiano, Quasi-Objects
Parco dell'Astronomia e dello Spazio
Incontro: tra arte, scienza e percezione
Cinema Massimo
Retrospettiva | ConiglioViola
King Kong Microplex | via Po, 21 Torino
Craig Foster has been an artist since the late 80's when at the beginning of the first Gulf War he began making protest art, never considering that the work would be relevant in the new millennium.
Craig Foster in 2002 started creating a piece a day based on impressions from the news and it grew into an art blog of sorts with about 2000 images.


When a camel passes through the eye of a needle...
May, 23rd - June, 15th
Works by Alessandro Scali e Robin Goode | Parco dell'Astronomia e dello Spazio, Via dell'Osservatorio 30, Pino Torinese, Torino
In collaboration with Politecnico di Torino
The nanoart is going over a border, a limit, a need: the one that could be perceived by the human eye. The nanoart acts with an aesthetic paradox, the one that can express ideas, concepts, and invisible, but not unreal, artworks.
  Corso Marconi, 38 10125 Turin – Italy  tel. +39 011 66 80 948  tel. +39 011 5695155  fax. +39 011 6501214

VIEWFest digital movie festival